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  • “One of the most insightful and inspiring books I have ever read on the topic of structured water and it’s relationship to the human body…extremely well researched and written, with a compelling mix of ancient history and cutting edge technology.”

    Amazon Review for Water Codes
  • “Dr. Nuday has managed to set a standard that should be prerequisite study for every student of science, health, consciousness, and reality.”

    Amazon Review for Water Codes
  • “Dr. Nuday has created the most comprehensive collection of solid science on the structure of water I have ever seen… I am genuinely impressed and recommend this book highly.”

    Amazon Review for Water Codes
  • We know almost nothing about Water.

    Dr. Vladimir Voeikov
  • Water is the driving force of all of Nature.

    Leonardo Da Vinci
  • The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water.

    Viktor Schauberger

Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment

A book on the marvelous world of water and the science of Life, by Carly Nuday, PhD.

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Drinking Water Systems

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What's in Your Water?

Whether tap, bottled, or well-water, YOUR WATER is likely your greatest source of toxic exposure. Investigations and studies confirm that the majority of America’s municipal systems, ground water systems, and almost all bottled water, contains elevated levels of cancer-causing contaminants like radioactive elements, chemical industrial agents, pharmaceuticals, lead, and other toxins – most of which are unregulated. Learn how to cope with the contamination crisis.

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Cellular Hydration

99% of your molecules – by count, not weight – are highly structured water. We’re as much water beings as human beings, and our health depends one the quality of water inside our body. The majority of Americans suffer chronic dehydration – because with water, it is quality over quantity. Aging, poor health, and disease are all related to the same thing – a lack of cellular hydration. Learn why and how to properly hydrate your body.

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Structured Water vs Tap Water

There is a major difference between the water your body needs, and the water you get from tap or bottled water. This is because the water your body depends on is actually a liquid crystal – meaning it’s hydrogen and oxygen are arranged in patterns, called structure. Tap water and structured water might look the same, but they’re two completely different substances, with different properties, and different actions. Structured water is living water, but our tap and bottled water – even ionized water – isn’t just contaminated. It’s dead.

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The Alkaline Water Myth

Expensive ionizing machines and overpriced bottled alkaline water aren’t just a waste of money, they can actually be really harmful. Water ionizers operate on an electric principle with the water, ripping apart it’s structure while simultaneously and temporarily freeing up hydrogen. This process is detrimental to the structural integrity of the water, and does not provide purification necessary for creating highly structured therapeutic water quality. Artificially alkaline water can cause long term damage to the gut, and increase the bacterial growth in the body, while taxing the body’s sensitive pH systems.

Ponds, Lakes, and Water Restoration

It’s not just our drinking water that is suffering – our ponds and lakes are plagued with toxic algae and unhealthy water ways. Conventional management methods are harmful and ineffective. Find the best in natural, long-term solutions for pond and lake management for water features of any size – from backyard ponds and small lakes, to wastewater pools, large waterways, and even ocean bays.

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