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Water and Consciousness

"In many cases [of cultural history], water appears
as a reflection or an image of the Soul."

~ Prof. Christopher Witcombe

Consciousness and Memory - they say it's non-local, but they don't know where it is or how it works…and it's a good thing we do. For all of it's advancements, today's science and technology still cannot tell us where memory or consciousness are stored. Through understanding the science of structured water, we can come to understand not only where, but also how our consciousness and memory are stored, accessed, and function.

"Looking for consciousness in the brain is
like looking inside a radio for the announcer."

~ Nassim Haramein, physicist

The Answer to the Age Old Question:

How it All Works

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"How does it all work?" is a question that has been asked and studied by the greatest minds in the world for centuries. And although science rested firmly on the notion that all thought, memory, and consciousness was centered in the brain, this has long since been retracted. It has instead been recognized that consciousness is non-local - that is, not localized to a specific area in the body, but rather spread out over the entire body in some mysterious fashion. And it has become recognized that memory itself also expresses non-localization - wherein the stored information of our "memories" are not restricted to the brain as once believed. There exists numerous and documented cases where individuals have an accurate memory of an experience that occurred without proper brain function - while under intense anesthesia, undergoing brain surgery, or even while pronounced dead. And it's not just consciousness and memory, it is also thought - studies and experiments demonstrate that thoughts do not originate in the brain either, as once believed, but rather appear throughout all of the body's systems simultaneously - through changes in brain activity, the immune system, the heart, etc.

For one well-versed in the real properties and capabilities of structured water, as you will be after reading Water Codes, the answer and mechanism for how our consciousness and memory are stored, expressed, and accessed, is obvious. The capacity for information, energy, and the necessary responsiveness to encode information (i.e. memory storage) is infinite within the realm of structured bio-water.

The Model of Structured Water Consciousness

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"Since water is responsive - intelligently encoding the energy to which it is exposed to as information within its structural arrangement - and since this responsiveness is immediate, and the energy and information is encoded in its structure independently of biological processes, we see that the water in the human body has the capacity to store the information of memory in a highly organized fashion that can later be retrieved and processed by the brain. Thus, memory is non-local, as science has described, being found…spread throughout the intense and complex network of our body's water and liquid crystals systems as information stored within their geometric patterns. But it's not just our memory - it's our entire consciousness."
Water Codes, Dr. Carly Nuday PhD.

"The true foundation of all culture is their knowledge and understanding of Water."

~ Viktor Schauberger, naturalist, world's most renowned water researcher

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