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how to structure your body's water

How to Structure Your Body's Water

"Since the structure of Water is the essence of all Life,the man who can control that structure in cellular systemswill change the world."

~ Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize, father of biochemistry

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Detailed in the book Water Codes and demonstrated by honest science everywhere, the structure of the water in your body - your bio-water structure - is the true key to health. It is also the key to high consciousness - which means greater levels of awareness, higher brain functioning, greater connectedness, and a higher quality and experience of life. We see that artificial electromagnetic frequencies - like those from Wi-Fi, cell phones, and electronics - degrade or break down the structural integrity of water. In your body, this break down and loss of geometric complexity, symmetry, and form is what leads to things like aging, cancer, and diabetes.
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Science has already demonstrated that prior to the physical symptoms and expressions of disease, we witness a disruption, or imbalance, in the body's bio-energetic system, a phenomena that has been repeatedly observed and is in fact caused by changes in the structure of your bio-water. As we see when we study water and subtle-energy, our body's water provides the interface between our bio-energetic system and our physical body. We can use the disruption or imbalance in the body's energetic system as a diagnostic tool, as these changes are measurable weeks before any physical symptom of the disease can be recognized. These diagnostic methods are one step closer to a truly preventative medicine. But in order to really be preventative, we need to be able to prevent the energetic imbalance in the first place - by interacting and affecting the structure of your bio-water.

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water has all of the crystallographic patterns found in nature within it's structure

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How to Affect the Structure of Your Bio-Water

It's not as simple as merely "drinking structured water", or giving yourself repeated "positive intentions". With our environment's current level of systematic pollution - from physical toxins to "electro-smog" from artificial EMF's - drinking structured water or giving yourself repeated positive intentions is like throwing a water balloon at a wildfire: it's simply not enough. All of this pollution is constantly breaking down our water structure, and our level of consciousness is the result and reflection of this structure - so using our current level of consciousness to raise our current level of structure is a difficult task - like asking your reflection to make you look better. And while drinking structured water is critical to maintaining good health and consciousness, it is not sufficient to truly affect the structure of your body's water. (click here for more on how to structure water).
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Thankfully, Tree of Life Technologies Inc., has developed a way to transfer complex crystallographic patterns to the water in the body - by using water-resonance, a technology first developed by Dr. Marcel Vogel, former IBM researcher and the father of structured water science. They have developed a unique patented tool, which is available both for constant, daily, individual use, as well as used in an entire light therapy system aimed at affecting the structure of the bio-water. The first therapy of it's kind, the results experienced by users have been effective and astounding. Reports range from reduced pain and lessened symptoms of dis-ease, to changes in consciousness and lifestyle choices. In some cases, even "incurable" diseases and their symptoms have disappeared, and today the list of testimonials and results reported continues to grow.

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The therapies work by combining complex geometric patterns from crystals found in nature into one electromagnetic energy frequency, and then projecting that frequency through and out a tool of water-resonance, designed by Marcel Vogel, who remains arguably the world's greatest crystallographer. The light therapy systems combine these tools with specific color-frequencies of light as well as rare-earth magnetism - both of which are known for their effect on water.

Dr. Vogel left IBM after 27 years to study further the relationship between quartz, water, and subtle-energy, where he began working with water-resonance. Dr. Vogel knew that shape and structure is everything. Molecular shaped determined what kind of crystal something is, and what kind of properties it would have (for more on the importance of patterns and structure, click here). He knew that the shape of the water geometries was everything when it came to health, and that the key was in transferring information to the water in the body, using a water-resonant delivery system which later came to be known as a "Vogel crystal".

When Tree of Life Technologies took over Marcel Vogel's work nearly 20 years after he had died, Marcel's vision was fulfilled - by using his water-resonant delivery system to deliver the information needed by the body's water: the information of the structural patterns of multiple complex geometries. Water, in it's incredible responsiveness, is able to use this information to restructure itself, resulting in growing awareness, higher consciousness, improved health and wellness, and a list of reported results that continue to grow.

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