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Water Purification and Mineralization Systems

RO and Tensui system
Start with quality water! Turn dead, chemically laden tap water in clean, pure, mineralized, spring quality water ready to structure. Home and commercial systems for removing water contaminates such as lead, arsenic, pathogens, bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals, hormones and pharmaceuticals.

The best in reverse osmosis, water filtration, mineralization and more, with the BEV500 and the amazing Tensui system.

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BEV500 Water Purification

While we continue to develop technology capable of simultaneously purifying and structuring water, water filtration and purification systems are still an essential first step in providing your home or office quality drinking water. By employing water purification as the first step a three stage process of purification, remineralization, and structuring, we now have the ability to transform any water, for any use, into the highest quality, most Life supportive water available.

Ideally, we would have a world where the water in our home or office was already pure and naturally mineralized, ready for structuring and use. Unfortunately, this is not reality for most people. Instead, it becomes necessary for many people to either buy their water, or employ high quality purification systems in their home. Tap water is so often laden with chemicals, hormones, and pharmaceuticals, and well waters can also be subject to the chemicals and pesticides in the local environment. For this reason, I find it important to recommend and offer what I feel is the best reverse osmosis and purification system available for residential use.
The BEV500 is a state of the art reverse osmosis system, certified to remove more contaminates than any other r.o. system available. Using patented r.o. and deionization processes, the BEV500 is able to completely remove dissolved salts, nitrates, heavy metals, chemical pollutants including chlorine, fluoride, and pharmaceuticals, and more. Water collected after purification using the BEV500 should be immediately treated with mineralization, whether in the form of a unit such as the Tensui, offered here, or with mineralization drops and other such methods. Water from the BEV500 is ultra-pure, leaving it hungry for remineralization and structuring. Please do not use any kind of reverse osmosis or deionization system without also ensuring you are remineralizing your water!

Built with all American and German made parts, maintained properly the BEV500 will provide at least 20 years of service. Easy to install or have installed, the BEV500 cartridges should be replaced annually, while membranes should be replaced every 3 years. The annual set of 3 filter cartridges are $150, and membrane replacements are also $150.
What makes the BEV500 the best Reverse Osmosis system on the market?

  • Highest Quality Twin Carbon Pre-Filters
Most r.o. systems include only a single carbon pre-filter, often using less efficient carbon which can contain metals and contaminates

Custom Rolled Reverse Osmosis Membranes
The BEV500 high quality membranes provide consistent performance and results in real world scenarios, as compared to most off-the-shelf membranes which seldom meet their stated specifications.

Proprietary Deionization Module
The unique deionization process of the BEV500 system uses a proprietary blend of deionization resins which capture any contaminants not removed by reverse osmosis, followed by several inches of carbon as a final filter, ending with two stages engineered to block any backward migration of contaminants into the system.

Why R.O and Deionization, and not Ionization?

Water ionizers operate on an electric principle with the water, ripping apart it's structure while simultaneously and temporarily freeing up hydrogen. This process is detrimental to the structural integrity of the water, and does not provide purification necessary for creating highly structured therapeutic water quality. Deionization works by using charged minerals and resins to pull ions and contaminates from water. 

Tensui Mineralization

The Tensui Water System is a mineralization and water treatment and enhancement system, utilizing semiprecious stones and minerals from Japan to mineralize and transform ordinary water into spring water quality. With the Tensui, water is naturally mineralized with bio-available minerals readily absorbed and utilized by the cells, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and negative ions. Natural physicians in Japan have been prescribing water of this type to patients for many years, to improve health through the quality of their patient’s water. The Tensui achieves this level of water quality improvement through the use of stones, volcanic minerals, and crystals from Japan, including:


Tensuiseki: a mineral used in the Orient to purify water for more than 5,000 years, adding trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium and raising the water’s electrolyte content,

Koraruseki: a naturally alkaline calcium and magnesium rich mineral,

Tenseramikku: mineral with high negative ion content,

Gaia Stone: mineral producing short-lived negative ions,

and more!

The Tensui is a water remineralization and treatment system. Though it certainly has an effect on the structure of water, it’s primary application is in natural ionization and remineralization of the water, with phenomenally effective results in improving water’s quality, particularly when used following filtration or purification systems, like that of the BEV500. Because of it’s effectiveness, the Tensui is used by celebrities such as Robert DeNiro, athletes like Dwayne Wade, business icons like Donald Schultz of Starbucks, and some of the most respected resorts and spas in the world.

The Tensui offered here is intended for use following a purification system, and as such is custom built without the carbon and KDF media usually found in the Tensui (
which is not necessary with the purification of the BEV500) This allows for more room inside the units for stones and minerals, increasing the water’s quality and therapeutic potential.


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