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Pond and Lake Health

The Best in Natural Rehabilitation and Revitalization!

floating islands

Utilizing the best in circulation, aeration, effective microorganisms (EM), floating islands, and ecological support to transform stagnant ponds, lakes, and wastewater pools into healthy and clean water systems!

I’ve teamed up with TrueSpring Water Quality Solutions to help bring you the most effective treatment systems for ponds, lakes, and wastewater pools! TrueSpring has been naturally improving the quality of ponds, lakes, and wastewater pools for over 20 years, with a variety of methods to suit your needs and budget. Their approach to water quality takes into consideration the overall health of the lake or pond to correct imbalances, using long term natural solutions, and without employing the use of any chemicals. I am happy to be supporting their incredible work!

The most common issues with ponds and lakes are the overgrowth of weeds, algae, foul odors, and cloudy water. These issues are imbalances in the health of the water, and are caused by a lack of circulation and water stagnation, lack of dissolved oxygen within the water, the build up of organic nutrients, imbalance with fish populations, and a lack of beneficial microscopic life in the water. See some of their treatment methods below, and send an email to set up a consultation!

Pond and Lake Water Natural Solution Methods

EM Treatment

em pond treatment
em treatment 2

Effective microorganisms, or EM applications, are used to clarify water and digest sludge and nutrients that would otherwise feed algae and weeds.

Swiss Oloid


The Oloid is a highly efficient water mover from Switzerland, capable of circulating massive amounts of water while drawing very little power and requiring minimal maintenance. Exceptionally effective in reducing stagnation, the Oloid brings oxygen-poor water to the surface and oxygen-rich water to the depths, creating natural turnover necessary for healthy pond and lake life.

Moleaer NanoBubble Generator

nano bubbler

The Moleaer nano bubble generator offers superior aeration support to ponds and lakes by generating 70-200 nanometer sized bubbles, saturating a single ml of water with millions of bubbles. These highly dissolved air bubbles make for much healthier fish and improve water quality in lakes and ponds.

Floating Islands

floating islands

Floating Islands generate biofilm and uptake nutrients suspended in the water, and are used to implement a healthy and balanced ecology in lakes, ponds, storm runoff and waste water lagoons. Fore more information on floating islands, visit


flow form

TrueSpring also offers FlowForms, a type of highly functional water art!
Beautiful and effective, FlowForms are specifically designed fountains that naturally infuse oxygen into water to support water health and quality.


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