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hydrate yourself: how to really structure water

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Image: Martin Chaplin,
London South Bank Univ.

Hydrate Yourself:

How to Really Structure Water

by Carly Nuday, PhD.

"Aging is a phenomenon of our body becoming gradually drier."

~ Dr. Ishahari Yumi, M.D.

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With all the products and methods marketed for structuring water, some more effective than others, it's hard to navigate how to really structure water. Is intention enough? No. A decorated cup, fancy coaster, a conscious prayer? Not really. Vortex units, magnets, playing music? Again, not really. Do ionizers and electrolysis improve the structure of your water? Absolutely not - quite the opposite, in fact. We'll talk about what's wrong with these systems, and the right way to structure your water. Let's get hydrated.
drink structured water

Understanding how water works
is really the key to knowing how to properly structure water. Water in a highly structured form has its molecules arranged in complex crystallographic patterns - patterns which contain every crystallographic arrangement found in nature, all within water. The bonds between the molecules in these complex crystallographic patterns hold and move energy, making structured water much more highly energetic, and capable of providing water to the body with the complex crystallographic forms that the body requires.
structured water crystals
structured water crystals
structured water crystals

Above: Water Crystal Formations
images: Univ. of California
Hidrology and Institute of Theoretical Dynamics

When we drink unstructured water - water that has lost its structural integrity due to thinks like artificial EMF's, machine and water treatment processing, plastics, toxins, and even the hard right angles of our plumbing systems - our body experiences a negative decline in life and health. Because our bodies require water to be highly structured and crystallographic in order for it to be used, whether it is for use in elimination processes, cellular fluids, surrounding DNA, blood, cerebral spinal fluid, etc. etc., our bodies actually have to structure the unstructured water that we drink and absorb before it can be used. The amount of energy our bodies have to spend in order to structure this water to a high liquid crystalline state is more energy than we get out of the water itself - and thus the body typically experiences a steady decline over time, growing exponentially later in life.
Ionization and electrolysis, processes used by water systems like "Kangen", are famous for their increase in pH - but what these systems are really doing is electrocuting the water, and by doing so, are actually ripping apart it's inherent structural form - one of the most destructuring things one can do to water. In water ionizers, all of the complex crystallographic patterns in liquid crystal water are ripped apart with electricity. The result is more available hydrogen (as it is no longer bound in crystallographic patterns and groups of molecules, called clusters) and thus a higher pH level and greater alkalinity, and smaller molecule cluster sizes, but also a water that has become more bulk-like and lost it's liquid crystalline nature that we are so dependent upon.

And while intention certainly has a great effect on water, it's simply not enough to fully restructure water, especially when we are talking about structuring water with multiple complex crystallographic patterns. As soon as we have released our intention, new information is sent to the water in the form of conscious and subconscious thoughts, artificial EMF's, and other energetic stimuli.

Special cups, coasters, vortex units, magnets, crystals, lights, playing music - everything has an effect on water, and while some of these methods are more effective than others, all fall short of what we really require for highly structured water. For that, we have to be able to successfully transfer multiple, complex, crystallographic forms to water - more complex and crystallographic than merely our thoughts, sounds, light, movement, or magnets.
marcel vogel water crystals
It's a complex process, one that involves all of the complex crystallographic patterns from nature that water requires, delivered to a source in an effective way, utilizing the water-resonance science of Dr. Marcel Vogel (the father of structured water science), and his specific protocols for correct structuring methods. Using these methods, Dr. Vogel was able to greatly affect the water's surface tension and permeability, increase seed germinations and growth rates, and dramatically increase the preservation rate of milk and juices, and even turn new wine into aged wine in a matter of minutes - simply by increasing its structure through his methods and tools of water-resonance.
Thankfully, Tree of Life Technologies Inc. has continued Dr. Vogel's legacy. In additional to personal tools of bio-energetic enhancement and bio-water restructuring, and light therapy units also targeted at restructuring the body's water, Tree of Life Tech Inc has now developed home-use counter top water structuring units based on the advancement of Marcel Vogel's work and tools of water resonance. These units are designed with water in mind - highly structured water - and are capable of transferring the necessary complex crystallographic patterns in water resonance. For the first time, we now have actual tools to create highly structured water at home - absolutely critical for true health and wellness. Their technology is extensive, and the results are amazing - through their advancements, Marcel's vision for structured water and structured water applications can finally be fulfilled.

"I have put now almost 27 years of study into this type of structure. It is organized, it is holding information, and it takes the minutest charge to release it and make it to come back to its normal water bulk characteristic. We speak of vital water, we speak of holy water, we speak of Lourdes water, we speak of the sacred springs, and each one of these statements I find to be true."

Dr. Marcel Vogel, world's greatest crystallographer

Learn the science behind truly structuring water, what does and doesn't work and why, and how to navigate the world of marketers, gimmicks, and misinformation. Discover Nature's structuring methods, and what we can do to more effectively structure our water, providing ourselves with greater health, wellness, and longevity. Find all of this and more when you start cracking Water Codes and discover the real hidden messages in Water.

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