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In reality, we are primarily made of water. Even by weight mass, we are approximately 90% water at birth, declining to 50-70% by death. Also by weight mass, at least 83% of the body's blood, 90% of the brain, and 90% of the body's nerve are water. Because water molecules are so small, this weight mass average of 75% actually represents 99.9% of the molecules in the human body. It holds the structure of every cell, and and is in fact what determines it's integrity and life span. Nothing happens in the body without it.

And this 99.9% of your molecules are highly structured water - which is different enough from "regular" water to be considered a completely different substance. It has widely different freezing and boiling points, and is, scientifically speaking, not liquid water but rather liquid crystal water - water that is not a solid (ice), not a liquid ("bulk" or "unstructured" "regular" water), and not a gas (steam), but rather something else entirely. Marcel Vogel called it the liquid crystal mesophase, a type of water that is somewhere between liquid and solid, a type of water that is a liquid crystal. 25 years later, Gerald Pollack called it the fourth phase of water, essentially the same thing. We are now recognizing that this water, which makes up nearly our entire body, is entirely different than our traditional concept of H2O.
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For our bodies, our health, and our understanding of anatomy, biology, consciousness, and DNA - this changes everything.

"This is not just any water - our bio-water, the water within our bodies, is highly structured. Everywhere water is found in the body - which is, virtually, everywhere, it is found to exist in a state of complex, geometrically ordered molecule arrangements…on which our physical, emotional, energetic, and consciousness systems depend on for health and proper functioning."
Excerpt, Water Codes by Dr. Carly Nuday.

This 99.9% of our molecules
bathes our brain and our spinal column, traverses small waterways in our nervous system, transmitting electrical signals at lightening speeds with the help of some conductive minerals. It surrounds and encases the DNA strand, and in fact determines its shape, expression, and even life span.

Poet Saul Williams says it best:

"We stand as the manifested equivalent of three buckets of water and handful of minerals."

That is, three buckets of structured water. This is truly what you are made of - and to approach our biology and our health as a matter of random H20 molecules in a glass, as we are taught in school, is barbaric. It is like treating a system made of diamonds as if it is a lump of coal. Both are comprised of carbon - but the structure yields two completely different substances, with completely different properties.

"The roughly 10 layers of water molecules that can fit into these spaces [within the cell] have entirely different properties from water in "bulk"…Water, as we know it, that hydrogen bonding bulk liquid...may not exist within cells."

~ Martina Havenith,
Chair of Physical Chemistry at Ruhur University, Germany

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Consider this: cancer, diabetes, and even AIDS all have one thing in common - a loss of structure in the cell waters. And the water surrounding the DNA? That's what determines it's lifespan, conductivity, and proper functioning. Scientists are already manipulating and turning on or off the genes and DNA of fish by simply changing the amount of water surrounding it - because the structure of water determines the shape, and thus expression, of the DNA. Today, we have the ability to look at the shape of the water molecules in our living cells - and what we are finding is astounding.

This is the trend that we are witnessing, as mainstream science slowly catches up to what we already know. Disease - any disease - is a result of the loss of structure in the bio-water. It is for this reason that Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner, once said:

"The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cell what it requires for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever."

So don't you want to know how your biology works? What is really going on in your body, and how to pro-actively participate in your own health? This knowledge, when applied by a society driven by truth and wellness, will change the face of disease treatment and prevention. As Dr. Albert Gyorgyi, also Nobel Prize winner, once said:

"Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world."

Thankfully, we do know how to affect the structure of water in cellular systems, and now you can, too. Join others who have finally learned the truth about how it all works - body, mind, and spirit, and dive in to your copy of Water Codes. From health, DNA, and cellular communication, you can understand how it all works and begin truly taking control of your health and wellness. Learn how to truly hydrate yourself, and how to protect, maintain, and restructure your body's water.

"Be Water, my friend."

~ Bruce Lee

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