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The information is astounding, and everyday more people are ready and wanting to hear it. Are you interested in interviewing or hosting a lecture by Dr. Carly Nuday or Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein? Then contact us! Send email requests to carly@watercodes.com.
We look forward to meeting you, and assisting your evolution!

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Dr. Carly Nuday, author of Water Codes, is a senior researcher and Director of Water Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing the research, development, and application of structured water science, as well as co-founder of Tree of Life Technologies Inc. with Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein. Dr. Stoppelbein is responsible for creating the world's first holistic therapy system targeted at restructuring the water in the body. His novel discoveries, such as the fractal antenna nature of water as well as the connection between structured water as the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and as the physical and energetic interface in the human body, are documented in this breakthrough work - get the book here!


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