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dr. carly nuday

My name is Dr. Carly Nuday, and I study Water. My mission is to educate the world about the remarkable science of water - how it relates to our health, DNA, and longevity, what it means for our consciousness and energy systems, and even how the science of structured water provides us more sustainable agricultural solutions while providing us the missing link in the mechanics of mind-body-spirit connection.

With an understanding and grasp of the science behind the phenomena of structured water, we are suddenly able to remove the pseudoscience stigma of things like the law of attraction, the biology of belief, and the mind body spirit connection - and for the first time, we can actually explain how it all works, and apply science to EMF sensitivity, how prayer and intention actually work, and how there is an actually science to karma.

I truly feel that Water is the bridge between consciousness and manifestation, and between religion and science, and I have dedicated my life to continue the research, development, and application of this incredible substance and science. Thank you for meeting me here on this mission, please be encouraged to read the book, browse the site, and contact me with any questions or discussion topics!

Be Well,

In Resonant Water

Carly Nuday, PhD

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