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Discover the Real Hidden Messages in Water

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The true science of health, consciousness,
and enlightenment, Water Codes reveals the truth about water, consciousness, and decodes the leading sciences of health, DNA, energy, and enlightenment, in way that will change how you see yourself, and your world, forever!

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My name is Dr. Carly Nuday, water researcher and author of the book Water Codes, the most comprehensive study of structured water to date. I have dedicated my life to study, write, and teach about Water, a substance which makes up 99% of the molecules in our body by count. Structured water is essential for Life, and the implications of this science affect everything in our world - from agriculture to medicine. It’s not just pseudo-science anymore, it is science at its finest, and I promise, it will amaze you!

When I began this journey many years ago, I never anticipated what I would learn, and what the science of water would uncover about the physics and reality of our world, our consciousness, and our health. And yet, through understanding the science and power of structured water, the mechanics of reality fell into place and I was able to see my world, and my self, more clearly. What began as an exploration into Marcel Vogel’s work with Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein evolved into the most incredible journey of the science and spirit of Water and Life.

While the book is a comprehensive study of research and discovery, some of those subjects are touched on in this website, and here anyone can launch into a variety of topics surrounding the reality and science of structured water, particularly as it relates to health, consciousness, and energy, and find articles about how to structure water, both inside the body and out. In the store, you can get the book Water Codes, as well as the best water purification and structuring units available for treating home, commercial, or agricultural water systems, external environments such as ponds, lakes, and wastewater pools, and systems and tools designed to structure the water within the body. Also, be sure to check in with the blog for the latest articles, news, updates, and more!

So go ahead, dive right in!

Carly Nuday
Senior Researcher and Director of Water, Inc.
Leader in Water Sciences and Bio-Energetic Healthcare
Author: Water Codes
Co-Founder Tree of Life Tech
Co-Developer Magnetic Resonance Mineral Light Therapy (ARC GEM Lights)
PhD. Theology
PhD. Energy Medicine

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Think Water is just like that simple glass of H20 we were taught in school?
Think again.
It's far from simple, and way more cool.
It's time to get to know
the Real Water World.

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99% of your molecules - by count, not weight - are highly structured water.
We're as much
water beings as human beings.
What does this mean, and what does it change?
It's time you get to know
the Real You.

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It's not just a computer.
Water provides us the storage capacity and the operating system for our hardware, and serves as the interface between our bio-energetic systems and our physical bodies.
It's not just pseudo-science anymore,
rather this is science at it's finest.
Get ready to evolve.

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Discover the Real Hidden Messages in Water!

The true science of health, consciousness,
and enlightenment explained like never before!
Water Codes reveals the truth about water and consciousness, and decodes the leading sciences of health, DNA, energy, and enlightenment, in an experience that will change the way you see yourself, and your world, forever!


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